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Tours & Attractions

Huntington Beach Concours d'Elegance - June 3, 2017 (9:00am-2:00pm) & June 4, 2017 (9:00am-4:00pm)
$12.50 For 2 Admissions (Reg. $25)
One or Two Segway Rentals, or Oceanfront Segway Tour for One or Two at Surf City Segway (Up to 52% Off)
2, 4, or 6 Admissions to the Frida Kahlo Her Photos Exhibit at Bowers Museum of Cultural Art (Up to 39% Off)
Memorabilia of Princess Diana and the Royal Family on The Queen Mary
"Pageant of the Masters": Paintings Come Alive
45-Minute Sightseeing Harbor Tour for Two or Four People at LA Waterfront Cruises (Up to 58% Off)
Planes of Fame Air-Museum Visit for Two or Four (Up to 45% Off)
Laguna Art Museum Visit for Two, Four, or Six (Up to 55% Off)
Two- or Three-Hour Boat Rental on Weekends or Weekdays from Voyagers Rentals (Up to 63% Off)