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Travel Deal

Circus Circus

Las Vegas Hotel Stay w/2 Complimentary Buffets


• Best rates for a Casino Tower room starting from $37 (plus resort fees & tax)
• Two complimentary Buffets included
• Two-night stay required

If you are longing for a vacation, but your limited savings account balance poses a big challenge, not all hope is lost. With a little bit of research, an economical getaway isn’t impossible. Let us help you skip the time-consuming search with this awesome Circus Circus room package. With this deal not only will you find rooms for as little as $37, but you will also save money on food. Circus Circus is including two complimentary buffets with this offer. Receiving free meals is always a welcome perk. Buffets are a reliable solution for travel companions that like very different types of food. The Circus Circus Buffet offers a range of favorite foods including salad bars, carved meats, seafoods, desserts, and so much more. Choose your dishes wisely, and you maybe able to fill up enough to skip your next meal. Buffets are a wonderful thing for both your appetite and wallet.

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Posted in Travel on August 25, 2018 10:00 AM