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Travel Deal


Las Vegas Resort Stay w/$25 Daily Breakfast Credit


• Best room rates starting from $45 (+ resort fees & tax)
• Daily $25 Breakfast Credit per day

Stay with The Linq Las Vegas on your next vacation and they will treat you to breakfast every day of your stay. The definition of breakfast can be different for everyone. Some prefer a hot meal full of eggs and bacon. Others like to go light with oatmeal or fruit. For the sweet tooth out there, donuts or pastries are the only way to go. Some wish to have a liquid breakfast in the form of strong coffee or a tasty mimosa. The Nook Express, Corner Kitchen, or any casino bar (for mimosas) can offer all those options and more. Starting your day with a hearty meal will give you the energy for a full day of Las Vegas activities and adventures.

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Posted in Travel on July 05, 2019 12:00 PM