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Travel Deal

Paris Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hotel Stay w/Spa Treatment Package


• Room rates starting from $219.50 (+ resort fees & tax)
• 50-minute Voie Spa Treatment Included
• Choose from: Codage Custom Facial w/ Aromatherapy OR Aroma Voie Custom Massage

Join Paris Las Vegas celebrate their 20th Anniversary. As a thank you from Paris, they are including a 50-minute Voie Spa Treatment with this room package. Guests can choose from two treatments, a Codage Custom Facial w/ Aromatherapy, or an Aroma Voie Custom Massage. The Codage (which translates to Code), is a custom-made skin care program coded specifically for your skin. Aroma Voie Custom Massage will offer the perfect massage that your body needs. During your blissful massage, enjoy the heavenly aromas of lavender, jasmine, or sweet orange. Nothing rounds out a relaxing vacation like a spa treatment, especially when it’s included with the room package.

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Posted in Travel on May 06, 2019 01:00 PM