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Photos and Art Prints on Marble Tile Murals from Oiiiio.com (Four Sizes)

64% off

There s just something that makes a beautiful photo even more of a work of art when it s faithfully reproduced on a tile. It s like etching a favorite memory in stone to have it for all time. With this money saving offer from Oiiiio.com, you can do just that. Pay just $68 to have a family portrait, art print or whatever else you desire printed directly onto 18 x 24 ceramic or tumbled marble tile, available in 4 different sizes. Great for walls, tables, counters, kitchen back splashes or however else you want to present it, Oiiiio.com s custom made tile murals are infused with your color print to ensure the image never comes off. Whatever picture you ve got, they can apply the high resolution image to the ceramic or tumbled marble tile of your choice. More sizes available HERE.

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Posted in Art, Craft, & Supplies on June 06, 2012 10:33 PM