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Hometown Garage Repair

Up to 50% Off at Hometown Garage Repair

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With your safety inspection you will receive a full 26 point inspection, touching every moving part to determine your needs/and recommends. once we have a chance to examine your garage door we will explain your options for the repair. Last but not least is the tune-up first we are going to ease your hinges back and let the door rest, going thru and lubricating all hinges, and the spring. snugging down the screws, and moving forward to your opener. first does your belt/chain need tightening? or maybe you just need a little grease for your gear and sprocket. When you upgrade and get a set of rollers we will replace your current rollers with a wonderful set of LONG stem nylon rollers, with a amazing 20 year lifespan you will notice the different in your ears!

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Posted in Home Products & Services on April 26, 2019 02:14 AM